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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Complete Series Review

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Complete Series

Hey you *ock biting, boner-basting, munchers of fecal fall-outs and all together other things that swell off the human form! Shut up and then scream all crazy like having an orgasm in public with Panty & Stocking. Two lovely slutty angels from Heaven fallen to Earth on a mission from God to take down monsters made from bad deaths sometimes related to poop.

If you've been following the site, you've heard the story of Panty and Stocking as I've been covering the series since it's premiere in Japan. The show looked like a pile of dung to me, but soon the dung was on me as the potty humor spewed out and won me over after the first episode. Now after waiting almost two whole years Funimation finally has released the dubbed version, so you may finally be graced by gross out humor by the same people who gave us Fooly Cooly and Evangelion, that be Gainax.

As soon as you enter Panty and Stocking's Daten City you'll think, HEY WAIT ISN'T THIS TOWNSVILLE! No, but the creators of Panty and Stocking were very much inspired by Townsville from the Powerpuff Girls and American animations reworkings of anime, think early Cartoon Network. That means a lot of blocky and thick designs. Daten City seems to be an American city out of Suda 51's playbook or how Capcom sees the US in the Dead Rising series, that is a pop culture reference of itself. A sort of facade of stereotypes and people based on television and movies, which is what episodes of this series are based. Episode titles are usually takes on stupid American movies and have as much connection to their source material as do monkeys to British monasteries.

The show stars the two heavily cursing angels, the blonde, dumb, sex queen, ultra whore Panty Anarchy and her sister the purple/pink haired, sweet guzzling, future diabetic and goth Stocking Anarchy. Together these two sisters exact out holy ultra violence and petty remarks and while not doing that to each other they take it out on ghosts with their... special weapons.

You see being angels they were give holy weapons in the form of holy garb. This means their lingerie becomes their weapons. Panty's panties become guns for her to use and Stockings' stockings become katanas for her to use. This will sometime be shown with a stripper pole change transformation scene. Sort of a more risky Sailor Moon transformation scene. In the anime itself, characters are very aware it is like a strip club during their transformations and sometime you'll catch others staring. Without going too much further the girls can take other peoples clothes to use as weapons, but their own personal undies pack the most punch.

They"ll need a lot punching, kicking, gunfire and dildos for what they need to get done. Beating down ghost is always a different task. Ghosts are tricky and don't always attack out in the open, the angel sisters have to usually figure out some stupid plot point before taking one on. Other episodes and some of my favorites contain the more formidable Daemon Sisters. The opposite of P and S and no I'm not trying to go for a PeniS joke with writing it like that, it's your dirty mind. The Daemon Sisters use their rules and discipline throughout the series in attempts to take down our unruly  Angel sisters. They have their own demon garb to be on equal footing with the girls. Episode 7  "Les Diaboliques" featuring the debut of Scanty and Kneesocks might be the most action-oriented episode to see and is my favorite for the amount of action it serves up. Don't want to forget their little helper Fastener.

The cast is also joined by the Anarchy Sisters big talking, badass with huge afro Garterbelt. Garterbelt a main of the cloth gives out the missions for our angels and advice on how to defeat monsters while being a huge jerk. Too bad the girls don't listen to him or barely care what he has to say. Chuck their green dog looks like Gir from Invader Zim. Johen Vasquez creator of Invader Zim said after seeing Chuck, "Wow, it's good to see Gir after so long, after so much cocaine" more or less as I recall. Chuck constantly repeats his name as he endless dies and eats garbage. Then there's the orange haired geek Brief. Brief has the cuties eyes for Panty, too bad he's a geek and Panty's a total bitch. He may be looking for love, but she's just looking for the next number in line.

The number of episodes is brief, 12, but filled with tons of blood, throw-up and sex puns to have your draw drop to the floor. I've never seen an anime go for such a reaction while still technically not being hentai. Episodes differ on the fly from being two shorts to full story episodes to one episode filled with just shorts. Each changes it's motif, some episodes don't event reflect ghost destroying, which is done with models, so monsters explode like an old B-monster movie, which is a cool effect. What you will see is a lot of homages and references to other anime and movies throughout the tons of violence and sex.There is an overall story building up towards the end.

One episode that might be a huge fan favorite might be Trans-Homers blasting jokes at both the crappy movies and the great 1980's cartoon Transformers. As how odd the show can get Panty and Stocking become the Decepticons and Autobots in their own home waging a idiotic war between each other. There were so many transforming dildos. For just this episode alone you should pick up this series.

This series is something you haven't seen from Japan. The Japanese take on American cartoons inspired by anime with the crudest of jokes about two angels who battle shit, sperm, and throw-up monsters by transforming on stripper poles. There's nothing like it and the sense of over the top senseless style of Katana based stockings and panty based guns slicing and shooting through weekly monsters is only part of a show with no moral compass. The ending is like opening Heaven and Hell and I hope you stay for the entire ride. The ending also steals the start of the Wolverine movie, it's just odd. Anyway my lovers of Angels and I don't mean the Anaheim team, bring pleasure and joy to your inner soul that craves all those nasty things we can't mention here and get some Panty and Stocking.


Voice-casting for the English-dub is superb with Jamie Marchi (Panty) and Monica Rial (Stocking). Hearing so cute a voice for Stocking fits how many sweets she eats, but sounds even better when she's cursing and using the word syphilis and *uck. You can check out more about the voice cast here from their panel at AX. The Japanese version is fine, too. I like the voice actors they chose in Japan for the Daemon Sisters more.


When you buy this collection you also get a bunch of nonsense shorts called Sanitary Box, which make very little sense. This is one part of a huge amount of extras found on the third disc. You have promo commercials from Japan and here. A collection of bosses exploding. The Japanese cast at some event talking about the show. My favorite might be the English voice cast outtakes. If your a fan it's every extra bit of Panty and Stocking out there.

Video and Sound 

Clear and good quality transfers.

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