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Friday, July 6, 2012

Murder in LA 000002: Be Nice to Me

Dateline Monday, June 4th, 8pm-ish.

Mauro Cortez argues with family members about his new purple shirt, reportedly reading "I own a Honda. Be nice to me."

His family warns him that purple is a dangerous color as of late, due to the Barrio Grape Street gang.

Mauro does not understand the concept of gang colors.

Moments later a teenager on a bike opens fire on the group, wounding Mauro and killing his 1-year-old son, Angel.

Outrage ensues. A huge reward offered. A 15-year-old arrested.

  1. Mauro is described as a recent immigrant from Mexico who barely speaks English. So...he's illegal, right?
  2. Later reports omit the text of his shirt and I can't find any images or mention of such a shirt outside of the initial reports on this incident. CONSPIRACY?
  3. Barrio Grape Street's rivals are called Fudgetown. Yeah.