Sunday, July 8, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: Wrap Up, Why Not Little Tokyo Next Year?

 Though I might have some more cosplay pics down the line this is it for coverage of AX.

It was a huge show this year, I was amazed by the turn out. Though there were problems with the X Games and a lack of programming info there were plenty of people into anime, manga and Japanese culture who got to meet up. Complimenting a costume or talking about your favorite anime, telling people to pick up a new one. Seeing all the different artists in artist alley inspired by other works, in a way it's magical to explore all of AX.
Disney/ESPN put up a short article about how everyone got along, Anime Expo, X Games coexist downtown. I felt they're might have been a problem too, but it seems the only one was with management of both events. I'm amazed no better solution on how people were suppose to get around came up, because the X Games blocked so many passageways, it could have been handled a lot better. I assume there wasn't any talking between the two groups and the X Games did what it wanted.

If things don't work out with the convention center next year, due to reconstruction and a football stadium being built, maybe they should just make it a huge outdoor event in Little Tokyo, maybe rent the MOCA out for events. If you block a street, allow for booths outside I think it could work. Future Week(event held outside in Little Tokyo) worked fine enough and it could only boost sales at stores nearby, I'm sure those stores would be interested. Think of the foot traffic and frankly it be easier to deal with if the X Games were at the convention at same time next year.

After the break are just some extra pics and comments from AX.

                                            Maroi's version of Jenga looks fun too.This year I  tried out the game center at AX for the first time and had a blast playing Jenga and Fact or Crap with random strangers. All the board games were free to play, you forget how fun it it to just chill and play something that's not a video game sometimes. There were so many instances of group play it makes me ponder why Indie Cade wasn't part of AX too, maybe they could show off some fun ARG games or Zombies Vs. Humans.

                                       Once again, a great place to just relax in between panels or the convention floor.