Thursday, July 26, 2012

Arcades in LA: Arcade World

 Arcade World 
2700 Colorado Boulevard
Eagle Rock Plaza Shopping Center
Suite 227, Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 340-1416

Arcade World located in the Eagle Rock Plaza has all sorts of games to keep you shooting, racing and ticket getting. I must say if you have youngins, Chuck E. Cheese is walking distance on the second floor of the mall from this place. If you don't want to deal with little kids and birthday parties you'll want to head over here.

Arcade World has some fun shooters by Sega including Virtua Cop 3, Confidential Mission, and multiple House of Dead Machines. They have ticket machines in front as well as multiple racers. They have air hockey and basketball hoops in back. There is a decent prize center in back to redeem your tickets, but don't think you'll be getting anything cool unless you"ll be coming back multiple times.

I have not seen a Virtua Cop 3 machine anywhere else in LA or Confidential Mission, so those are some titles worth checking out. Here's a hint, Sonic statues appear in the bank mission in Virtua Cop 3. Wait until you at the bank counter, shoot Sonic statues to get more points. Virtua Cop 3 also features bullet time and the abiltiy to slow time where you can shoot bullets coming at you. Confidential Mission is a total rip on Bond films and starts off with a silly antagonist agent that's very short and fat that it's surreal.

Decor wise the place is clean, but other than the Arcade World neon out front the place is just droll inside. There like two movie posters in back that are up, but nothing else is on the walls.