Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Superman #10 Review Super Garbage

After a great cinematic cartoon coming out in June, Superman VS The Elite, starring the Man of Steel, you'd think DC would re-release the tale it was adapted from? No, of course not, instead you get the lackluster Superman #10 by George Perez, who made me ill with World’s Finest #1. A new writer or a more modern writer should take his place in current DC Comics to tell different stories with a different vision.

Yet, George Perez might have be tainted by DC's oversight. I think Perez is a bad writer of comics in general at this point in his career, yet DC didn't tell him anything about Superman in the new 52 Universe. Meaning going into the comic he didn't know what Superman's relationship was to certain characters or if they were dead. Comics Alliance has a great post on it in full, about Perez's terrible time trying to write the character and how his work would be changed by others, so I don't know how much I can even condemn him, because DC itself is so stupid. DC is so stupid it doesn't tell its writers basic information about a character? That is insane!

Scott Lobdell whose taking over writing for Perez seems to be delighted, but as Comic Alliance points out that would be the fourth transition to a new writer, which is pathetic. A writer sometimes stays with a comic for over 12 issues, but 3 different writers have been on it and were on issue #10?The other problem from reading the interview with Lobdell is how much the interviewer sucks up to DC instead of pointing out how bizarre it is the writing team has changed so much in less than a year. Equally horrifying is how he points out how this new writing team changed Starfire from a role model to a whore with joy. DC has no future in having distinguishably entertaining comics.

It's shown fully in what is truly lacking vision, Superman #10. This has to be one of the most boring comics I've ever read about Superman. It deals with Superman facing a criminal powerful enough to punch him through a building with density powers, including intangibility, who wants a locket her deadbeat Dad kept away from her that holds the only picture of her dead Mother. How does Superman remedy the situation?

That's right he goes for the locket! He then breaks it accidentally with the aptly titled villain "Anguish" as in I feel so much anguish for a Superman story about a freaken broken locket.

The B plot involves a regular guy being mistaken for Superman's secret identity, but thankfully not one, but two giant TV monitors are nearby telling Anguish who and where the false Superman's family is.

So in response for a locket being destroyed Anguish is going to kill the false Superman family. Yes, she's going to kill a little girl and Mom over a locket. Luckily, Superman arrives...

and has super re-making locket powers, so the locket is now fine.

So Superman #10 was about a locket, a freaken locket!

There's so many more problems with this issue like lazy art and writing. Here's some points:
-Anguish is a terrible villain. She dresses like a whore for no reason and has nothing more to her character than daddy issues and stealing one item. She couldn't go intangible and go through the sewers and just steal it?

-Superman let's her get away, she just goes intangible and leaves with her locket, which seems so smart, because she only attempted to murder a little girl and Mom and is in a perfect state of mind with an insane amount of power.

-Superman just breaks the ground in front of Anguish to surprise her at one point for no reason, it seems like there was an error between writer and artist, just like the above panel.

-The bizarre amount of giant TV monitors in Metropolis.

-I know it's old, but I showed a friend the comic who doesn't read them and her first comment wasn't on the dumb story, but how Superman looks like a Chinese waiter with his new outfit.

-Fight scenes over a locket.

-Then this gem, with Jimmy Olsen.