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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OhNo!Doom Gallery Adventure Time: A Tribute Show Teaser

 Below is the press release for the Adventure Time art show I mentioned yesterday. It's happening August 11th in Chicago with a huge artist list you can find below. It looks like it'll be a huge assortment of different stuff. I'd love to start seeing some international shows, like a Japanese or European AT tribute show.

A Tribute Show by OhNo! Doom

Chicago, IL, (07/30/2012) - C'mon, grab your friends! Chicago collaborative
OhNo!Doom invite you to Adventure Time! A tribute show inspired by the hit
Cartoon NetworkT series, Adventure Time! features all-new works by more
than 43 international designers, illustrators, and plush artists. Join us
in paying honor to Finn, Jake, all their friends and our friends, too, on
August 11, 2012, at OhNo!Doom Gallery (1800 N. Milwaukee Ave). It'll be

Doors open at 6pm and close 10pm. Food and beverages will be provided by
Worm Hole Coffee and Fritz Pastry. Adventure Time! runs from August 11-30,
2012. Please direct all questions or media requests to [email protected].

Artists include:

Logan Faerber, Niark1, Dave Palumbo, Kevin Luong, Michael Hacker, Patricio

Steff Bomb, Steph Laberis, Shawn Smith, Mr. Walters, Jeremiah Ketner,
Nerfect, Mike Budai,

Brian Luong, Kelly Denato, Noelle Stevenson, Jason Chalker, Jeromy Velasco,
Pock-it Palz, Brain Killer, Veggiesomething, Michael B. Myers, Paisley
Babylon, Jake Waldron, Michelle Coffee,

Lana Crooks, Alex Willan, Andrew Thompson, Kat Brunnegraff, Love & a
Sandwich, Sean Dove, Ennis Martin, Goni Montes, James Gilleard, Bill
Halliar, Melissa Sue Stanley, Charles Santoso, Michal Wright-Ward,
Christina Sanchez, Anne Kirn, Marla Campbell, Matthew Woodson, Dena Obaza,
Mandy McGee, Kill Taupe, Eric Battaglia, Winona Nelson, Cory Benhatzel +

OhNo!Doom is a Chicago artist collective made up of designers, illustrators
and plush artists (who all work creative jobs during the week). The group
operates an art gallery-shop in Bucktown, that showcases it's members work
as well as other artists from around the world and is home to ON!D's
designer toy and clothing line. *

1800 N. Milwaukee
Chicago IL 60647

Thurs & Fri 5pm.10pm
Sat 12pm.7pm

Transportation: North of the Damen Blue Line
South of the Western Blue Line
Bus 49, 56, 72
Plenty of Metered Street Parking

By Appointment: [email protected]
Phone: 773.698.8348