Friday, July 13, 2012

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Reagan rocks!

While checking out the Disney Treasure exhibit , I also had the fine time of going through the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Museum and Memorial. The Museum is up there with the California Science Center with interactive displays that both educate and entertain. Of course, the biggest reason many come is for the huge Air Force One plane on display, you can walk through, heads up, no photography inside. Air Force One is a sight to behold and the area surrounding it with a presidential helicopter and motorcade below it. Walking inside of the behemoth is such strange flight, so different from any plane you've been on. You might notice a cake, which President Reagan had on all flights in case it was someones birthday as well as the football, the suitcase that contains all the nuke codes.
 You'll also learn everything about Reagan's presidency and see his memorial where his body is entombed.
 The museum shares a great deal about his legacy and what he did for America. It's kind of amazing what he did in his time and the way he showed his ideals for peace. It's hard to remember how Russia was once the U.S.S.R. not so long ago, but being in the museum really takes you back to see how America dealt with Communism through Reagan.

Be it Regan's past played out on green screen display that let's you act with Reagan or a reproduction of the Oval Office everything swells up covering everything about him. I was amazed to find a part covering the assassination attempt, I had know idea the bullet ricocheted and that's how Reagan was hit. There's much more light-hearted parts, such as the interactive displays explaining a presidential dinner. Didn't know you have water bowl at one point and do something with it.

 There's plenty more to learn and to discover about this president, through a huge collection of materials. It is a large place and with nothing nearby you might want to consider packing a lunch or eating at the cafe. The windy road getting there is kind of fun in itself too. Parking is free, so don't worry.

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