Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Superman vs The Elite Review

Superman vs The Elite

Please pick up this great film of 80's character design with current edge animation. Superman trains a new generation of heroes that over take him as the world's leading hero. The situation turns grim as the heroes lack the morals, but not the power of the man of steel. The movie takes a look at how Superman's ideals don't fit the current mind set of just utterly destroying an enemy, showing no mercy, or rising to be better than your enemy.

Just like the comic, Superman is taking on 4 extremely powerful enemies without any backup. No Justice League, no Batman, just himself. I think the main problem with the Superman comics is how powerful Superman is and that he has no enemies usually at his level, this time he does.

Here's the positives

-Real superhuman fights with entire cities being leveled

-Enemies worthy of fighting Superman

- The point that Superman has so much power, but uses it wisely with a moral compass.


-Terrible Lois Lane, both in design and voice acting. I have no idea Lois's hair was suddenly brown and she look nothing like any version I've seen before.

-Dialogue is not adapted well, when some lines were just repeated from the comic book they seemed forced, almosst like a monlogue.

-They added a bit of Bill Oreily parody and how America is morally bankrupt, they kind of shoved it in your face for a bit, which was annoying.

- I don't remember Menagerie beign such a slutty sounding whore.

-The cover  for the DVD in no way invokes the movie style, like I wrote about back in March. It's acually should be Superman beaten up or just some eye-cacthing. I think of it as a major f-up by WB's marketing. If I never read the comic I would think, oh Superman meets pterodactyl and a Britsh punk rocker.

-The Daily Planet's Planet logo doesn't get destroyed.