Friday, May 4, 2012

Comic Hype: World’s Finest #1 Why DC Is Dead To Me

World's Finest #1 introduces the new Huntress and Powegirl. I'm just going to jot down some of the reason I hated it.

- Powergirl and Huntress's new origin is extremely difficult to follow for newcomers. Frankly, if you don't have some intimate knowledge of what's going on in DC it's frustrating. There from another dimension where they were Robin and Supergirl, they were blown in the main DC  dimension. I'm sorry if they doesn't make sense to some people, it just seems like a poor idea to me.

-That origin is just stupid compared to Huntress old origin of being a daughter of a crime boss and trying to be a hero to avenge he's and her mother's deaths. Powergirl's was just mysterious, sometime having mystery is alluring.

-DC is suppose to be all new, but they hired Paul Levitz and George Perez to do this. How are they cutting edge? They should give new people a chance to take on the characters.

-I hate Powergirl's new costume, no red-blooded comic book fan doesn't want her cleavage poking through. Don't get started with it being sexist, because it's already sexist. Example Powergirl wearing tattered clothes after fire/ building falling down on her.

-It was boring, a bad guy doesn't show up until the last page?

-You started the first issue with a flashback?

-What about Supergirl and Huntress of the main dimension, do they just not exist or is that what they are now?

-The whole time discrepancy- different issues taking place years apart is ridiculous. Why aren't they all happening at the same time?

-Nothing to come back for

DC is just unreadable, except maybe Aquaman. Everything else is so convoluted even though they have one issue out. You can't just have an entire history thrown into someones face you need to build it with them. There's no building anything with them, even knew readers can't grow with issues if there's a whole fake history or other timeline they have to know about.

I'm sorry to say that Marvel just has better comics right now, DC became so boring it's not worth keeping up with. Like I've said before it will be like Ultimate Universe taking years before the art and comics will be entertaining..