Friday, October 20, 2017

Universal Studios Japan Halloween 2017

Japan celebrates Halloween a little differently than us, it's only become a "thing" since the major theme parks starting having events for it about ten years ago. After that, adults and teenagers started having Halloween parties and now kids are into to with their own celebrations. We're not sure if kids in Japan even go out for trick-or-treating though. What has amazed us over the years is how Universal Studios Japan, a sister theme park to our own here, celebrates Halloween.
They do it a little differently. During the day, they have activities for kids with aHalloween parade with the Minions this year. Disney does that over here, but it looks like Universal Japan got into that game. During the night it greatly resembles Halloween Horror Nights here.
Some fat zombies with other creeps

Check out their fat zombies, photo on the right. Maybe they just have some better costumes for their monsters that roam the park.

Another nod to the Japanese or perhaps a jealous nod is they sometimes get cool stuff that we don't. For whatever reason they get a full maze based on Chucky and his new movie, Cult of Chucky this year. We got Chucky here at our own Universal, but not a maze devoted to him. They got a maze devoted to Freddy Kreuger and The Exorcist too. So, we get some of the same horror movies. So, if you went you would instantly get the references.

Then there's stuff like Sadako known out here as The Ring and Gakkō no Kaidan known out here as the Ghost Stories anime, which would be a bit harder for a person not from Japan to get. Though, there still gonna scare you.

Sometimes, they'll get way better tributes mazes to video games like Resident Evil. I think we only do mazes in the major theme parks for horror films and have yet to really do any based on games, but there's a lot to choose from.

To see more of what Universal Japan is up to for Halloween, check out their English page, which is really in Engrish.