Thursday, October 12, 2017

IndieCade 2017: Coverage & Thoughts

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IndieCade has come and gone, but the games we'll play have just started. Ideas, connections and Steam codes have us all figuring out what new games will try and try to make.

As always it's a pleasure to play at IndieCade. To try out new strange games. To beat friends until they rage quit. To be outside while gaming, something that many people don't do. As I always write and this year reminds me, there should be a place for people to come together to play games year round. Card games, board games, whatever type of gamea. We need a place to try them out as it's too long to wait for another year to go by.

As for IndieCade's first foray into Little Tokyo we loved going on Saturday. We had many games to try out and the museum mostly to our selves. Sunday, did not go as well. It seemed like there was some poor planning as we noticed a drop in people and the loss of the main hall in the museum to some sort of other activity, like fundraiser part for the museum. Losing the main hall was a major misstep for Sunday. It was the center attraction. It held the nominees and losing it made it a lot less of a reason to show up.

Same goes for the rest of the area used. If the outside and other areas were for IndieCade, IndieCade should have schedule more activities or asked for a second run from some of the well liked games on its last day.

I'm just gonna shot out, "MORE NIGHT GAMES!"

These are only suggestions, but please heed your attendees IndieCade!

As always even though one day wasn't worth it, cept' for maybe a few hours of chat and the awards ceremony, IndieCade remains the best non-Halloween activity in October for LA.