Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cucumber Quest The Doughnut Kingdom & Head Games: The Graphic Novel Quick Reviews

Cucumber Quest: The Doughnut Kingdom
by Gigi D.G.

This sugary sweet book is about two bunny siblings trying to save their kingdom from adult stupidity in what will be a four volume adventure. If you wanted adorability up to the max with an easy to get into story then look no further. 

Maybe it was just too cute for me, but I think this book we go to my little sister, if I had one.

Head Games: The Graphic Novel
by Craig McDonald

Like a film noir detective story that's a bit darker than usual about a writer trying to sell a bogus skull n the 1950's and getting into some deeper plot with some real history mixed in. It has a great dark art style that makes it feel old to the touch.

It just wasn't my speed or style, if you're more willing to get set-up for a bigger story then these pages are for you.

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