Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Jackbox Party Pack 4 Let's Have Some Fun Here People

I need members of an elite team. A team that wants to figure out lies! A team that will work for the community making silly little drawings even sillier! I need a team that can date monsters! I need you to gamble on the most frivolous of things and take names! I need you to survive the Internet! All in the brand new Jackbox Party Pack 4. Yup, Jackbox is back with new games and a great look.

It's all in the new Jackbox Party Pack 4. Continuing the series where your controller is a smartphone or tablet, you'll go against friends in the style of a gameshow, sporting event and even a dating sim in the latest collection from Jackbox games. It's a new pack of wonder that we've explored for you. Let us break down each game in the pack, so you may decide if it's for you. The answer is probably, "There aren't any other game like it, so get it. Now."

Fibbage 3

A sequel that has you making lies to fool your friends. You have to make up lies for answers to questions with very strange answers. You and up to seven friends will try and fool each other into picking the wrong answer to questions that shouldn't have answers where people explode from very common medical exams. That and many other strange trivia will haunt you. Finding the truth has never been more fun.

What makes this our favorite game in the pack. Yup, it's our favorite. is both the game and the aesthetic. Going for a lovely 60's vibe is the look and music. The theme song for the game is stuck in our head. "Fibbage 3, I lie to you, you lie to me!,"  Then you have different eyeball based vegetation as your representation in the game. All the while images of pictures from what looks like the 60's will flash on screen. It's a sensation.

The game can get even more intimate with Fibbage: Enough About You. In this version of the game the questions and lies will be about you and the group your playing with. You'll have to know the people in your group kind of well to win, but that's the fun of the game. And if you don't do well with your girlfriend, maybe she won't talk to you the rest of the evening. It's a growing experience...I guess at least that's what she said.


Let's look deep within ourselves and bet on the stupidest stuff we can! In brackettering you and friends will be betting on the strangest of things in brackets. What should an ugly baby be named? What's the best species of dog for president. What other color should the sky be? None of these were asked, but are some what close to the line of what's asked. The game kicks it up as you play. By the end match you"ll go into blind brackets. So, the answer for best new boat name, might switch to best thing to name a gullible fish. And then it'll switch it a third time.

All of this is done in a wonderful looking 80's sports style with brackets. When voting takes place you can keep choosing between two answers until the clock runs out causing tension among other players. You can also bet your points on what's going to win in-between rounds.

Survive the Internet

Can you make it in the Hellscape of what graphics look liked on a computer from the 90's? Visually a reminder of what the 90's looked like on PC comes Survive the Internet a strange game of using your friends words against them. You'll take their answers to other questions and then try and make them look bad or silly by providing the content. So, they might write "I hate these and hope they die." You'll take that quote and maybe put a headline before it reading, "Puppies In Need of Homes." Your words are used against you each round as your friends try and burn you with how bad you condemn the nicest things. or possibly applaud the worst stuff. Headline: Dead Kittens, you said, "Fry'em up for good eating."

This one was somewhat hard to play. Either friends in our group couldn't quite get how to answer what was asked our the prompts didn't make sense on how to answer. A lot of times quotes made no sense at all. So it could be fun if you can play well or if questions asked make sense.

Civic Doodle

We're all part of the community right? Well, at least the one in this game. You and friends will finish doodles around your city by the request of an insane old man and the woman trying to just get it done. You'll be prompted to finish a small doodle against one of your friends. The group playing then selects their favorite from the two and that doodle wins and gets to be used by the next two doodlers until there's a finished piece.

This was a strange new one from Jackbox. Can't say it beats lasts years TeeKO for the group. It's a new drawing game that gives you very little time to finish anything before sending it to the next person.

A new feature allows you to see what's being doodled in real time on the big screen so you can send emoticons of different types to each doodler.  Those emoticons can randomly add up to points. It's not our favorite drawing game, but it's a different attempt. Will stick to Drawful 2 and TeeKO more than likely.

Monster Seeking Monster

In time for Halloween a really complicated strange one. Monster Seeking Monster is a dating game that has you text with other friends in game and try to hook up. Also...your all secretly monsters. Each monster has a secret power that earns them more hearts. Your trying to collect the most hearts and that's done by dating. Visually, it's quite cute on the big screen. The phone interface has you chatting in real time with other friends playing trying to date them.

We thought that anonymity might be a better factor, but the game tells you who everyone really is. It kind of hurts the game. We think it be more fun without knowing whose who.

Then there's the reveals of your secret power. You see, you're a secret monster most of the time. You stay a monster, but you get found out. Each round a monster gets revealed and so does their secrets. So, players may learn to avoid you if you steal hearts or if going on a second date might hurt them.

We found the game kind of confusing and may need to be played with more friends for it to work. Right now, it's not winning us over.

The Overall Pack

From what we could tell you, you canstill show off your wins or losses via Twitter after a game on your phone, but the service wasn't up yet when we played Oct 14, 2017.

Though, some of the games are weaker than others; that's always been a factor in getting the packs. You might not like a game, but there's another one you do like. It's just how it is and getting them individually ain't happening.

Jackbox Party Pack 4 has some definite games to make your party or get-together a more pleasurable experience. There's very little series tapping into this market of party games on the TV/screen and even if their were, Jackbox would still be at the top by the humor, wit and style.

This pack makes you want to grab friends and have them come over for an evening where you can lie to them and pretend to be freaky monsters that are lonely and seeking love. What more could you want out of an evening?

Out on
·         October 17: PlayStation®4 via the PlayStation®Store
·         October 18: Apple TV (4th Generation only)
·         October 19: Nintendo Switch™ via the Nintendo eShop, Windows PC and Mac via Steam, the Humble Store and Bundle Stars, as well as the Mac App Store, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Nvidia Shield
·         October 20: Xbox One through the Xbox Games Store