Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Game Hype: Super Nintendo X Forever 21 & Cuphead Launch Party

Both launching last Friday, Sept 29th 2017 were the Super Nintendo X Forever 21 limited edition line of clothes and waiting-forever-for Cuphead.

Super Nintendo X Forever 21 is a collection based on the Super Nintendo era at Forever 21. A weird combo, right? However, they pulled of some great looking gear and it's already getting into short supply when it came out just a few days ago. I can't even get the Super Mario World Graphic Long-Sleeve Tee in my size anymore.

The collection is mostly for girls, but they do have some nice items for guys. In any case, they need to get more stock and not make it as hard to get as the SNES Mini.

Check out what still available.

Launching the same day and under our radar was the Cuphead Launch Party at Metldown. Hey Xbox, try and get the word out better! Maybe, it's because they haven't done any cool events around LA in years. Not sure, how I missed it from Meltdown though, maybe they need to come up with a better events page too.

Anyway, the free event looks like it was a blast with cool swag, like Cuphead cups and special edeiton Jones soda. Creators of the game, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer were also in attendance. So were Cuphead and Mugman mascots wandering the store. In-N-Out, custom Cuphead cocktails make me sad we missed it.