Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Top Picks 80's Horror Made Now: The Barn & All The Devils Are Here

If you want something to watch, but feel like you want 80's nostalgia why not try these two gems made only far back as 2015. These trailers are so fun to watch if you want to see some, well, modern 80's horror movies.
First up, The Barn! A film that brings three supernatural slashers out from Hell to collect body parts instead of treats on Halloween. The details on the slashers and the style from the trailer make this film a must for your Halloween party.

We can't find it streaming, but you can buy it from The Barn Merch Store in Blu-ray and VHS format.
Second up, All The Devils Are Here has that same 80's feel, but what looks like a demonic problem taking over another band of young college kids. It looks like this has a bit more of a comedy side to it.

This one is Streaming on Amazon.