Sunday, October 8, 2017

Szechuan Sauce Day Went Bad In LA

For the only McDonalds in the downtown LA area that had the much sought after Szechuan Sauce, seen on the first episode of Rick & Morty Season 3, things went extremely bad. Though the nation-wide turn-out for the sauce managed to get McDonalds in hot water for how bad it went as seen all over social media, LA had its own tiny Hell. From Reddit LA, we have this unconfirmed report of what went down at the La Brea McDonalds, the only one in the city that got the sauce.

"First off, no one knows how much they ever actually had, but the most I heard was 150 packets. There were at least 2,000 people there.
THEN, instead of serving people as they got in, they started giving out raffle tickets, so the people who had been there for like 12+ hours got PISSED. Like the guy who was first in line (over 24 hours) didn't get anything.
So a couple of dudes literally jumped the counter, grabbed a bunch of sauces and bolted.
Cops showed up and shut down the whole store . . .
Police chopper with crowd dispersing noise speakers, the manager on the bullhorn in tears, begging people, "please there's just no more sauce! Your safety is too important"

via Reddit LA

It sounds like McDonalds hurt its brand more than anything with this epic fail of a roll-out.