Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Halloween Memorial: Delusion, The Cinefamily & SpectreFest

This Halloween season has felt like its been missing something. That something might have been one of the annual horror film fests or fav haunt that we've had in recent years, which have become part of our Halloween here in LA.
Delusion, the beloved interactive haunt has been the talk of people waiting in line at other haunts this Halloween season. This year, Delusion couldn't take place as no venue was found in time. Issues about this usually relate to the many safety laws the LA puts in place and if the community where the haunt goes will put up with it. This seems like something that should have been figured out months ago, but, sadly, wasn't. It doesn't make the fact that we're deprived of one of our favorite haunts any better. Add to the fact this is after the promise of a year-round  Delusion haunt that still hasn't broken ground or hasn't been really explained as when or where it'll be. There's only a promise of a venue for next Halloween.

Delusion has been the master of the haunts the last few years in LA with its amazing set pieces, haunters and interactive story that has you really feeling like your in your own horror movie.

The Cinefamily is like watching a train wreck with your favorite train going up in smoke. After a number of sexual misconduct allegations surface, The Cinefamily suspended all activities and there's been no word on what's going to happen.

Known for special Halloween screenings and a month of horror it's sad to see nothing playing for Halloween or really nothing playing at all at the venue.

SpectreFest was on the track when the train wreck occurred. Though not in anyway tied to the sexual misconduct allegations, SpectreFest has had The Cinefamily as a venue for its annual film festival as long as it started. Either it couldn't get anything done with such short notice of its main menu gone or it might have not have been happening anyway. But, there wasn't even a peep on its social media about anything happening this October, which is a shame as they brought in some amazing horror films and other special screenings in the past.

So this year if you fell like Halloween is missing something, it is. Some of the best parts of what make Halloween fun here in LA.