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Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Lure Special Edition Review Musical Mermaid Horror From Poland

Let's start at The Little Mermaid and work are way back at how this isn't anything as cute. Just in time for Halloween and to freak out your friends is Agnieszka Smoczynska's The Lure. We reviewed it about a year ago for AFI Fest where the lead actress Marta Mazurek, who plays the mermaid Silver, sang, "Part of Your World,' in Polish for us attending the screening. The film just came out from Criterion and would be best paired with their other release of the insane Japanese horror film House for Halloween.

The Lure

Unlike The Little Mermaid, the mermaids in this film hunger for human flesh. They eat people. Not unlike The Little Mermaid, the film is a musical. There are some crazy weird musical numbers starting at a song about no intentions of eating you, to shopping and getting human legs during surgery.

What to dwell on first, the music video style that happens when songs occur or the lyrics that are just nonsense. Many of the songs make zero sense when subtitled, there just nonsense you might find in a catchy song. The music video like musical numbers differ from an amazing look after a fight with everything stuck, frozen in time to some upbeat strip-tease dance numbers for a club.

Set in the 1980's two Mermaids come ashore to join a band and learn and love humanity. Oh, and sometimes eat people. The club is their stomping ground and their voices, used to drag people to their doom, are now used to get a crowd jumping.

It's a remarkably weird film worth viewing in the best format that Criterion can release on Blu-Ray with special features including a few deleted scenes and a making of doc.

There's too many different parts for me to marvel at. I just love how they pulled off the Mermiad's creepy eel like tails, which in no way look as nice as Arial's flipper. Then, there's just a long shot of the club going through every section that's just well choreographed. I mean, it looked so good it reminded me of a Wes Anderson long shot.

This is a movie that should fit in your collection if you love horror, crazy Japanese live-action films and or musicals. It's no Little Mermaid and would only be if she was doing a massive amount of cocaine.

Publisher provided Blu-ray for review.