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Monday, October 16, 2017

Horror Rewind Over The Weekend

Over the weekend fans of some classic horror films were put into them with Horror Rewind. A promotion and a haunt for the Blu-ray and DVD re-release of 19  horror titles from the Fox Home Entertainment catalog with brand new packaging designed by digital artist Orlando Arocena, giving them a Day of the Dead vibe. Instead of playing off of the Day of the Dead vibe with some sort of a maze centered around that culture we got some flashbacks from four films on that list. 

Carrie, 28 Days Later, The Hills Have Eyes and The Fly were all brought back before our eyes. We and a group of four others went through a sort of art museum exploring these horror fine art works...and we became part of the art scene.

As the haunt is now closed and was sold out will break down what we experienced.

At first we were "welcomed" by a receptionist who didn't seem to like us that much, she led us to the prom right out of "Carrie", with Carrie as our host. Soon we could feel "hear" her psychic strain on us as she almost killed us all. Luckily, we got away, but ended up in the world of "28 Days Later." A man came up to us asking for help for his girlfriend. We tried our best, but not before a zombie horde came after us. One of my favorite bits from the haunt. Shortly after that, we found ourselves with Andrew. Andrew was another "guest" caught inside the art museum. Turns out the haunt was a trap for us all!

Andrew told us the only way out was to get away from some freak from "The Hills Have Eyes." I bravely grabbed a severed hand through a slash in a broken door that let us out...but, not before the freak came back! We blasted to an elevator escaping the freak!

We headed downstairs, but not before a monster fell from the elevator shaft down onto poor Andrew eating and killing him. He was "The Fly," from the movie with the same name. We were about to leave in a hurry. A freaky man-fly will make you want to do that, but were stopped by the receptionist, she wanted us to stay as exhibits. Luckily, good ol' telekinetic Carrie took hold of her and we escaped.

A fun, short, but sweet haunt with some fond movie moments.

Outside you could purchase the Blu-rays with the new art with limited edition posters. Gotta say some of the posters are pretty eye-catching if you want to have them for your horror collection.