Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Backwoods Maze Burbank's Best Free Haunt

For years The Backwoods Maze has been frightening the folks of Burbank for free and this year is no exception. The free maze on the way to Fry's, hidden on some seemingly innocent suburban street is one of the best mazes we've seen so far this Halloween season! What awaits you is on par with the big parks.

We went not once, but twice to The Backwoods Maze over the weekend. First on Friday the 13th on its first day, then on Saturday to show it off to friends. What you might think is a rinky-dink home haunt with some nice monsters out front goes to a full-fledged horror haunt within seconds of entering it.


As you enter you'll meet a humanoid bunny and rhino in some sort of a loopy cartoony horror world. It's a mash-up of a factory you might see in a nightmare making fun of cartoons. It's colorful, yet creepy as you walk through wondering where you are. Suddenly, you'll be seeing weird sights like entering another dimension. Some things look human and others assuredly do not.

Soon enough, you'll be entering a cyborg company and these cyborgs are on steroids. Whatever else is going on in this company is not up to the standards of a "safe" environment so beware of mutants.

end spoilers

After having a few minutes of scares be sure to drop a few dollars in the donation box as the people behind this long time scare deserve some of your pocket change.

We want to thank the maze for pulling off a haunt so fun we had to visit it twice and for free. Check it out if you have some time in Burbank. There might be a line and it's worth it.

The Backwoods Maze

October 13October 31 Select Nights
1912 N Pepper St, Burbank, CA 91505