Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Creep LA: LORE Review: What's Happening Here?

Halloween haunts are looking for a crown. A crown to be king for Halloween! In the running again this year is Creep LA with their latest, Creep LA: LORE. It's based on a yet-to-be released Amazon Prime anthology horror series, Lore, due out Oct 13. We found ourselves in a preview for the new haunt in a new location as it starts this week.

Creep LA: Lore Select dates from October  5th  through November 12th Magic Box LA (1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, 90007; with entrance to Creep LA: Lore located at 986 Hill St, Los Angeles, CA, 90007) 
Ticket prices start at $65
Tickets for Creep LA: Lore are for ADULTS ONLY

Just a heads up, they may need to work on the directions for patrons. If you go to the Magic Box/Reef LA parking lot, you're are in the right place. There's a giant chair that's hard to miss. From the parking lot, don't walk inside, go around the building towards Hill St and you find the entrance. Parking wasn't that bad, it was $5 and their are two huge lots nearby. We just don't want you wandering around downtown at night, you'll have the inside of LORE for all that.

Creep LA has gone a strange route this year, but we can't really recall them ever not going a strange route. Maybe we've been pampered too much by their recent, "The Willows," experience, which we were reminded of from another haunt-goer as they told us, we were forced to danced together... Anyway, this isn't a long story knit together. Your entering the lucid dream state of Italian horror  movie where nightmares blend into each other and you just can't wake up. Simple stuff like that.

What followed after our group of eight, that's the number you'll be in, was nothing less of, "What's gonna happen next?"

You'll start the night gagged this year. Don't talk, unless spoken to. It's a reminder and a lovely keepsake of your experience. Soon you'll enter down some stairs and enter a world based on a show that you'll probably want to watch after going to get some clarification and tell people around you. "Hey, I did that stuff in the show!"

Not to get into spoilers, but you'll find yourself all over the place, from different time periods, meeting new and strange people. I have to commend Creep LA for using The Reef building this year, it's a huge venue and just walking through it at night in the dark is spooky. Some girls in our group screamed out not to walk too fast away from them in the fog inside, no haunters insight. It was just the thought of being lost in that place.

Different areas from different periods have you walking through the woods, inside and insane asylum, possibly a seance and some sort of a weird, but sexy creepy doll private dance room. We're leaving some out for you to discover. Each area has it's on feel and you'll become part of it.

A reminder, this isn't a simple walk through, you're here for an hour, you become part of the story. You take someone's hand out or  they take yours and make you part of what's going on.

The best part of Creep LA is the wonderful actors/haunters. They stick to their roles and act like total creeps. They are the heart and soul of Creep LA and the best part of LORE. They are so freaking weird.

Our interactions with them, always a gem for Halloween. Personal space has come to die. Staring and simple hand holding and maniacal laughs are only just the tip of them really acting super weird around you. Sometimes starting so innocent, but devolving before you into a mess of uncomfortable interaction.

You'll no doubt have a favorite part and a favorite actor once you make it out. We really liked too many of them. That's what the problem was for us. We didn't want to really leave new creepy friends made along the way. We wanted the stories to connect in the end have a reunion. It's really like jumping from one scene to another, but from, Creep LA's The Willows it's really hard to not want a family of creeps and your team to make it through together till' the end. We understand how hard that would be to pull off, but if something like it could be. It be worth it.

In the end you'll be in a lounge area with a free photo machine and drinks. You'll be able reminisce of what you just lived through. Don't worry there's still creeps to make your night not normal.

For a strange mix of nightmares and creeps to meet, it's a contender for the crown of Halloween King. Check it out if you dare to meet some new..."people" that'll leave an impression.

all photos Photo credit: Hatbox Photography