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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

LA Metro's Etiquette Campaign Stars A Japanese Super Hero

LA Metro launched a new transit etiquette campaign yesterday with the help of it's own brand new super hero, SuperKind. She battles the unsavory antics of the monster Metro rider Rude Dude in a series of new shorts showing what isn't the right thing to do on the Metro lines.
The shorts themselves have an obvious Japanese henshin (super hero) flair and include short songs to remind riders to be kind to one another. Though, after seeing Superkind in action they seem bewildered as to what has happened before them. Maybe many riders don't watch good ol' Sailor Moon and Power Rangers.

We love the strange ad campaign here at Things To Do In LA. It's a great colorful blend on anime fandom and etiquette. You have the mundane Metro interiors with our really ugly looking seats as the backdrop for anime politeness lessons. It's like watching the end part of an 80's cartoon where they tacked on the lesson, but in real life. It looks LA might have it's first Japanese idol super hero.

We need merch, posters please. I want a special edition Metro card with SuperKind on it.

If the videos look familiar it's because they come from Mike Diva, known recently for his sci-fi ad about ice cream seen below and the Japanese Trump ad that was circling online before the election.