Tuesday, October 10, 2017

IndieCade 2017: The Incredible Playable Show

Winner of the Jury's Choice Award, Alistair Aitcheson is the creator and host of The Incredible Playable Show. We're just gonna give him points for trying. It's hard to create a game show as well as all the games in it and. Oh and he hosted it too. I'm not sure if he got any help from anyone else during it either. So props for trying to be a showman. 
Steven didn't want to play...until he did.
Taking place at the theater at IndieCade and part of the Night Games was a series of games that allowed an entire audience to interact with the host. The Incredible Playable Show is a weird mix of Japanese game show and audience participation. All moved along by your host, Alistair Aitcheson. Alistair, who claimed himself to have idle hands creating all the games introduced us to some fun new interactive activities.

First, having almost all the audience wear bar code jerseys, our host had audience members using a scanner you might see at check out to find matching codes. All this was shown on the big screen as two different images had to match. A very different version of Memory.
Next, we played Codex Bash, which had me just pushing a button on command as the rest of the audience had to figure out numerous clues and puzzles to set in the right code. Puzzles switched from various instructions hidden in the audience seats.

After, we had to leave before seeing what Power Ranger like game was going to be played next, where four ranger had to wear tablet belts. More games went after that. I wonder what the inflatable animals were used for.

As more festival patrons entered the theater you saw a major amount of play and team work. We're sorry we don't see more game shows like this held in person just for fun around LA. I mean, we should be able to do it with so many of us in the entertainment industry. Who doesn't want to play a game show over the weekend?