Friday, October 13, 2017

Halloween Horror Movie Suggestions

With Halloween parties about to start or if you're just in the mood with October we're giving you our list of some of our favorite horror films you should be showing on your screens for screams. And to enjoy with friends.

Dude Bro Party Massacre III

Why aren't they making more movies? That's the question I ask myself after seeing the fine folks over at Five Second Films make this perfect homage to slasher films from the 80's and 90's. They totally turn the genre on it's head by making it about a frat house getting murdered instead of a sorority. And these guys suck, literally they're are all horrible human beings, so their deaths are welcomed. This film goes over the top with its kill and its humor, but still stays shockingly with in the genre and its rules. They even made the film look like it's a passed around VHS tape with some added commercials and errors.

This film did so well it was fan requested for a second showing at the LA Film Festival when it premiered.

You can rent or buy it online and if you have Prime it's free.

The Void
Don't avoid, The Void! This is another film that is greatly inspired by horror classics of the 1980's. A creepy hospital surrounded by a weird cult is what transpires as our hero is just having one of those bad days. Our hero is a deputy having to deal with strange murders related to a cult that gets worse as he's chased to a hospital where his ex happens to be working. Like he needs to deal with his ex with a cult around him. The night doesn't get any better as whatever the cult's been doing is bringing to life nightmare creatures in the hospital and our deputy is the only one up to figure out what's going on and hopefully how to stop it.

What got my attention and many horror fans were the use of practical effects to pull of fmonsters in this movie and the people behind this did an amazing job. The things in this film are creepy and it's thanks to them not being CGI.

Also available all over online.

Murder Party
It's always a party with murder! That's not a great saying. But it's a great horror film for the holiday. Perfect for you own Halloween party is Murder Party from the director of Blue Ruin and Green Room, I assume he'll have a color trilogy, comes some of his earliest work. A loser has nowhere else to go for Halloween, finds an invitation to a Halloween Party, builds himself a costume out of cardboard and tries to have fun with some new friends. Sadly, the invite was a ruse and all the other party-goers are insane artists who each want to kill our Halloween loner in their own separate artistic way to impress a rich patron.

It's an impressive film as our main character barely talks, he's gagged for a lot of the film and the jokes about the art scene are made very violently. It's all the great acting that makes this film a fun Halloween movie as you'll connect with a guy who just wanted to make some friends. And the silly performances of each weird artist. All on a small budget too.

You can rent or buy it online.

So check out these three horror favorites if you haven't already.