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Monday, October 9, 2017

Sweet Sorrow, a Zombie Ballet: We Need More Zombie Dance Crews

Yesterday, zombies danced on stage for the only two showings of Sweet Sorrow, a Zombie Ballet in La Cañada Flintridge, CA. Fans of all ages watched Romeo and Juliet come back to life as the undead. Though no one was eaten on stage, sigh, it was a sweet nod to the horror genre.

The ballet started off with Rosaline, Romeo's first love and Juliet's cousin at their funeral when an Apothecary-like a witch- brings a formula that brings the couple back to life. In some time we have the stage filled with zombies dancing around in a green light to some dark music. It was my favorite part. When the zombies were on stage it made the trip out worth it.

The performance then switches to different acts that have no connection with the main plot. Different performance that kind of lost me as to what was happening. They were explained later in the play bill as interludes with some imps, vampires and even Medusa.

When we got back to the story it was very much like a horror movie ending where it all could have been a dream or was it real?

The leads Holly Chu as Rosaline and Jenifer Marchain as The Apothecary stole the show as the whirled through the different acts, sometimes playing off each other a sweet and scary.