Friday, October 6, 2017

Halloween Hype: Grave Chase

Why not start Halloween off right with a new retro horror game? Grave Chase is perfect for this time of year. A retro style game where two kids must avenge their parents by building monsters out of body parts found in a graveyard. They need these monsters to kill the Grave Digger who killed their parents.

It's a gross, but a full on-nostalgia romp for those who have played older games. Gameplay is both simple and gets hard fast like older titles from the era the game emulates. You'll have to both dig up graves and fight monsters while avoiding the Grave Digger and it gets harder and harder. Each level in the game, there's 31, gets you closer to Halloween.

Off the bat, we just love the creepy look and the sounds that perfectly emulates past eras of gaming. Making those monsters up out of body parts is such a gross treat that we kind of want that to be the game itself.

This is fun game to get just in time for the holiday and to have friends try and beat at a party or get-together.

Grave Chase now on Steam for PC / Mac / Linux!

Game provided by publisher for review purposes