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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

IndieCade 2017: Card Games

I want more love for the card games of IndieCade or at least ones shunned outside. We have three awesome games to play with friends, some of which can rage quite like mine did. It's just a game people.

Detective Bullshit, is a game with up to 3-5 players where you try and concoct the best case you can with the cards you're dealt. You either play a detective against other detectives that each have their own suspicious character to choose from the card their dealt or you'll play as the "Chief."  "The Chief" is person in charge who awards points to the detective they think has the right caller. The victims and the suspects are weird and so is the evidence. Within in three rounds you'll have whomever is the culprit no matter what kind of made up story makes it.

This was possibly my favorite game of IndieCade. A fun playful premise while playing detective. Also, I won.

Court of Appeals, has you playing as two lawyers trying to get the best jurors for your client to win. You and your adversary will get three cards with quirks for the jurors you need to win. Each round you'll try and make it better for yourself or worse for your enemy with cards you choose or play. These cards give you more points or take them away and mess with the jury to get the game more in your favor. Cards like "Golf Buddies" tell you the game doesn't have play by the rules.

After you learn the rules you'll be seeing how bad are justice system can work and have fun with it.

Story Master, be the master of your story as you and your friends better come up with one quick with the words your dealt. Yeah, this was where a friend gave up and rage quit. Which made the game more fun as it's for children. Come up with stories based on five cards you're randomly given. Then the group votes if the story sucks or at least flows. Get enough points and you'll win. That's at least the way we were playing it.