Sunday, May 5, 2013

Star Trek: The Video Game Truck Why Bother?

Late by a day to tell you that there was a Star Trek: The Video Game Truck at Golden Apple Comics  May 4th from 10AM-3PM for Free Comic Book Day. I would have told you if it was posted online anywhere, even at Golden Apple's site, but it wasn't. I found it while looking through LA Weekly.

I bring it up as I wonder who is wasting the money on it at this point? First off it's not a specially made truck it's from a service simply called Gamer Truck. But who would waste trying to sell the game at thus point? Is it through Paramount or Namco? After all the critical reviews it be best to save face and money by not doing costly promotions.

The official game site links nothing to when the truck will show or be nor has it been updated since February with news as I'm writing this. How about putting money into that instead of promotions? How about making a good game?