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Friday, May 31, 2013

Best Guesses For Iam8bit Entertainment Art Show Opening

Language NSFW in this promo? for the Iam8bit Entertainment Art Show opening June 7th next week. I kind of hate the promo, I get the SpringBreakers joke, it's just not that funny. Could have been a I Want My MTV parody or something more 80's.

Here are some of my best guesses as to what you'll find at the opening June 7th.

-There will be Portos

-There will be a line for the bathroom

-Amazing new video game art

-Even more video game attack roombas, but this time they can fall from the sky

-Gabe Swarr will have his work displayed in the same place

-Paul Robertson won't be there as I think he's very shy

-Dave Crossland will be really cool

-Jude Buffum will be in the building

-Hine Mizushima will have some dope sexy or violent plushies up

-Jim Mahfood will be wearing a hat

- Olly Moss won't be in attendance, but even if he was you wouldn't be able to understand him, he's very British.

-They'll be some large controller from Jason Torchinsky or something

-Sky Burchard will wear something funny

-It will be really LOUD with the DJ music at some point

-The 3DS to PS Vita ratio in line will favor the 3DS

-Cosplayers, at least a few from Mortal Kombat

-A man in red pants, not fire Mario just a hipster, a dirty hipster

-Pogs, it's time for them to come back

We'll have a preview with more updates next week