Monday, May 27, 2013

Donkey Kong's Visit To The LA Zoo

What did the Donkey Kong event look like at the LA Zoo this Memorial Weekend, a little like this, but with more screaming children. Over the last few days you could visit the gorilla habitat at the LA Zoo and catch special Donkey Kong barrel feedings, you could also play the new Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D nearby at a nice tented kiosk area. It was wonderful seeing majestic gorillas start littering and teaching children to act like hobos dumpster diving. Gorillas searching for food through some barrels was an odd choice. Why not just give them cardboard tubes in the shape of the iconic barrels from the game and put some bananas in them?

Still fun and I know the ACLU would have been made if the gorillas wore red neck ties, but still who wouldn't have wanted to see that?