Friday, May 31, 2013

It's The Weekend Art Shows Inbound

Hey Readers,

It's the weekend!

Here's a new section for an overview of what happened during the week, what's going to be happening and in general LA from your Editor-in-chief Jonathan Bilski. I've been told I'm kind of d*ck by close friends, but you're not my friends, you're my readers.

The week started off with Donkey Kong @ the LA Zoo. An odd Nintendo event to say the least. I don't know who came up with it or really what the point was. Giving gorillas barrels on paper might have sounded like a good idea on paper. I'm just writing it all looked good on paper. The sort of paper you blow your nose with our your butt. It became gorillas digging through trash cans for food. Sort of like a sci-fi film in the future where we re-take the Planet of the Apes , make them our pets and then just die off. Here's an idea, it might have been better to do a Animal Crossing event at the zoo with getting stamps from visiting different animals. I wonder how much it cost Nintendo for doing this. The LA Auto Show Mario Kart racers were a better marketing idea. At last E3 when Nintendoland was announced it would have been great to have a small theme park open to the public in LA Live or nearby. That didn't happen.

May is almost at end, but in the end we have Glen Brogan's New Work show starting tonight at Gallery 1988 East. Glen's affinity for pop culture has always been amazing with intricate cartoonish work for film, TV and video games. This new show let's him hang loose and virtually do whatever funny joke he wants based on a number of series. Check out his recent interview.

Glen's show sets off a chain of stunning art shows in LA including the Go Nagai Tribute show from Q Pop and even though it's fairly far away the two at the same time Ukiyoe Heroes and Beautiful Creatures at Nucleus show this weekend. All by very talented artists and all having anime involved.

You know I'm going to gush about Iam8bit Entertainment System, which I though would be IAM8BIT 64 following the Nintendo systems naming, but it was a turn around and we got the Entertainment system. In just a few days we'll have a huge new collection of video game art. I'll be sure to be posting what gets leaked on-line as well as what I think might be there, something interactive has been mentioned, make it a ride! It's hard to believe, but the last video game tribute show was in 2011. No time for Gallery 1988 to put something together to combat it with how fast the announcement came. There were a few flyers, but they didn't really explain the show was coming back, I though the iam8bit crew would just be trying a YouTube channel.

The strangest thing to report is the Jackie Chan Salute hasn't sold-out. Jackie Chan will really be there and it's only $5 bucks. Then you get a movie with it. I know it's a Monday, but you'll be back home by 10:30 or 11:30 at the latest. The same sort of event happening in New York sold-out a while back, show up those New Yorkers by selling out the show here. Just check the things to do section on the right of the site to get tickets.

After Jackie in town we go straight into E3 with multiple parties and events I'll be posting on in the E3 Common Gamer section. Oh, what if Jackie had a new game out, that be sweet or even a remake of Stuntmaster. The mysterious Horizon at MOCA has me wondering what will be going on. I assume just playing games in the MOCA, which is really just us coping the MOCCA of New York, they just had  a video game like show or included games in the gallery.

On the last night of E3 we have the start of the LA Film Festival. So many movies to see before it takes them a year to get distribution rights. They'll be another top pick list before it starts. The selection isn't as big as I had hoped. LA Film Festival could drown in docs and it just drowns people looking to see some great work.

I've hardly mentioned what's happening next weekend, but you'll be updated by the site.

If you have any questions about LA or would like me to write about a certain subject just e-mail me [email protected] with "suggestions" as the heading.

Until next time I'm off on my flying swan!

Have a fun weekend!

-Jonathan Bilski