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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TV Hype: Fox's "Dads" You Can't Look Away From Train Wrecks

Seth Green and some other guy work at a video game company and their Dads come to live with them. From the people who gave you Family Guy, a future failing comedy as the writers of Family Guy can't do live action. I won't give you Ted, which they did, because it still had the CGI talking bear, which counts as animation.

Just watching the trailer the jokes seem dated somehow. I'm not one to complain about Japanese school girls, but it's just one episode. You can't have a series with just one episode of Japanese school girls.

Fox needs to chill until Axe Cop comes out, but yeah the rest of ADHD will fail.


Then there's White Label with Andy Samberg as a NY  Detective, eeeeeeeeehyyyyyyy, that was the sound of a airplane failing.