Sunday, May 19, 2013

E3 2013 For The Common Gamer

Update: Event in now invite only

If you can't attend E3 as industry or press then it being in LA may seem like just another annoyance on your commute. You're wrong! Though E for All is dead the idea of connecting to gamers in LA is not.

The most enticing event so far is the mysterious HORIZON spelled in all capital letters. In a deal between the video game site Venus Patrol and our own MOCAtv (Maeybe from Arrested Development is in it) a new art show like game exhibit is upon us. Together there throwing an open show on the last day of E3 with "beautiful games" for free it seems. This is kind of new for MOCA, I can't recall anything related to video games coming from them except some special one night affairs. They do throw some wonderful events so it will be nice to see what they can pull off. It makes me wonder if LA Game Space is doing anything yet or will ever.

Thursday, June 13th
MOCA 250 South Grand Avenue
Near the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Ouya will be in a parking lot nearby

If you want to check out the Ouya, the new super cheap gaming console, why not head for a parking lot nearby the LA Convention Center?

Ouya E3
A parking lot directly across from the Convention Center's South Hall
601 W. Pico Blvd
June 11-13

The Ouya will be out and about for anyone to try over the entire course of E3.


Win going to E3 through Nintendo.

I'll have more updates coming up for E3 parties and events everyone can attend