Friday, May 17, 2013

XLanes VIP Opening

A lucky few got a chance to check out XLanes before it opens up in the Little Tokyo Galleria officially downtown May 17 at 5pm. This huge entertainment center includes billiards and dining section, not to mention 24 lanes with 8 special private lanes.

In some of the few surprises XLanes bowling alley also features a speed counter for your ball and mini-cams that show you your balls impact for an instant replay. You have huge televisions at the end of each lane to watch the big games while you play too.

Did I mention the sound system? How about the hypnotic lights? It was like walking into a wonderland of bright colors. Daft Punk's Get Lucky was heard over the whole massive place.

XLanes LA Grand Opening
May 17
3rd Floor Little Tokyo Galleria
333 S. Alameda St., #300 Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: 213.229.8910
Pay parking lot, but validation if you go to XLanes

The food is scrumptious. The buffet guests enjoyed including myself was catered by XLanes own kitchen. Wave to the chefs as you enter, there's a glass window to see what's going on inside They can do pasta to pizza. Tacos to ribs. You can enjoy appetizers or have a full meal. You can always step out for food too as the mall is mostly dining. No idea why when the food is so tasty, everything served was great. They do have healthier options like salads, so everyone can eat up There's a dining area and private rooms to enjoy feasts in or you can be served while playing. They have a bar a billiards for those liking late nights.

Arcade wise you have the latest games out in the US market and huge selection of every type to try out from racers to shooters to touch screen fun. There are tickets machines so you'll be able to win prizes for your skill. You use a card instead of coins. I'm going to have to properly review the arcade section separately it in the Arcades in LA feature, but to tell you right now it has the latest arcade games in the LA area. Forget classics, head to Japan Arcade one floor down for those.
            4 player Pac-man anyone?