Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Editorial Thoughts: Is Magic the New Zombie? Now You See Me

You have to be kidding yourself Hollywood if you think people want magic movies back in theaters. I don't mean fantasy films, I mean Las Vegas magic. After how bad "Burt Wonderstone" did, Wiki says it hasn't made it's money back yet, you're putting out "Now You See Me ". Now You See Me stars the kid from Facebook, the guy from cheers whose been under fire lately and every black character role Morgan Freeman. It stars some other actors being magicians and the inept FBI, which is kind of true with how the fouled up the Boston Massacre. The magicians steal money from banks and give it to the poor their audience. Then there's some sort of secret and use of advanced technology. Either way, I hate Mark Ruffalo as a dumb FBI agent.

How did this even get greenlit? I'll just leave you with the trailer in which no one has any emotions or the facebook kid lacks enough for the whole team.

Sadly, out May 31. Jeez, when Summer is just starting, bad timing Summit Ent.