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Monday, May 13, 2013

Super Mario Bros.: The Movie 20th Anniversary Screening May 24 Complain To Writer In Person

Ahhhhhhhuuuhhhhhh! Sorry, have to slowly stop screaming and just get into simple disgust sounds for

Super Mario Bros.: The Movie 20th Anniversary Screening
Friday May 24 Midnight 


It was such a bad movie. I know I've written about it before on the site, but it led to Nintendo retreating up to this day in releasing any of their properties into film and theme parks. Bowser being in Wreck-It Ralph was the only time the may have let go even slightly. They were so stupid on how they ran the film and it's not like any one left the company.

I read a chapter on it in Super Mario How Nintendo Conquered America and Matt Hawkins writes on it time and again. Every story worse and worse about the production, the director wanted a post apocayliptic sci-fi film, Nintendo wanted a big American movie and forgot what Mario was about, but the final draw was John Leguizamo being in it. If he's in it, it's a bad movie. You know it's not the final draw, you can write a thesis paper on how bad it was on so many different levels. It's a big pile of Yoshi poo.

If you want to talk about Nintendo's bad past choices this is easily in the top three.