Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Superman: Unbound Quick Review

 Superman: Unbound

This was a fun look into Superman's long time enemy Brainiac taken from a great comic arc written years ago. Way too adult for the little tikes with robots spiking people in the head and Lois Lane giving the finger to Brainiac. Most WB animation straight to DVDs aren't safe for kids, but for teens and adults it's stuff they can't get away with on TV that you want to see.

There were some minor plot hiccups as usual, but it all comes down to a fight between Brainiac and Superman that shows off why you need to get outside more.

Oh yeah, Supergirl was in it too. Good for her.

Sometimes the animation just went bad, in some colorful use of no background powershots. When Superman does rip apart machines, sometimes with Supergirl, it is intense

-Sadly, the art style is nowhere as good as the comic that brought Christopher Reeve back from the dead by using his likeness.

-The ending with Kandor was a bit of, hey were not doing War of the Supermen to animation.