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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anime Hype: One Piece Marathon, Daisuki, Aniplex Channel

-A man from Funimation will be locked in a room and will watch all the episodes leading up to the time skipped premiere on Toonami this Saturday of One Piece.

"We will have a live stream over at our FUNimation Live YouTube page of Scott locked in the room watching One Piece going 24-hours a day. The camera will even be going when he sleeps*. He will be interacting with all of you via our the live stream chat and our other social sites."

Starts at 5pm CT

-Daisuki an official distribution site for major anime companies starts today at 7pm. The animation on the site include One Piece and Modoka streaming for free. I'll have more on the site when it goes up later today.

-Aniplex has it's own Hulu channel now too. So if you need online anime your quite prepared.