Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lesson of Evil North American Premiere is Ours

The North American Premiere of Lesson of Evil from director Takashi Miike will be happening at the LA Film Fest June 20th with an encore showing June 22. Get tickets and more info here

Funny enough two other film festivals claimed the North American premiere of the film, even though LA Film Fest gets it earlier than both.

The NYAFF or New York Asian Film Fest claimed it would be having the premiere in a Twitch film guide release here. Even though their film festival takes place June 28- July 15, well after ours. They do get Jackie Chan for two nights in person and are showing some of his best work in early June, so missing the premiere might not be that much of a loss. I wonder why Chinese Zodiac doesn't have a special showing, oh wait, it was awful. The Jackie Chan Experience is better without it.

The Japan Film Festival of San Fransisco also claimed the North American premiere even though their festival takes place in July. As I've already writtten they're getting a lot of the films we saw at Eiga fest earlier this year. They might not have the premier of Lesson of Evil, but they do have the premiere of Library Wars.

Both festivals have been informed and will update their info. JFFSF already has.

"No one at Shinko Academy is as popular as new English teacher Mr. Hasumi, who, with his natural charm and J-pop good looks, seems perfect. Effortlessly solving high school scandals both expected, like cheating and bullying, and extreme, like an affair between a student and a teacher, Mr. Hasumi quickly becomes everyone's favorite. There's just one problem. He's also a violent psychopath, which doesn't bode well for anyone who crosses him.

Even though the film starts off with shocking act of violence, it's easy to forget, at first, that this is not an afterschool special of some sort. Gradually, however, prolific cult director Takashi Miike amps up the crazy, tempering his film's grisly mayhem with a sense of humor that's as black as dried blood."