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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LA FIlm Fest 2013 Tickets Out Now

Hop by the LA Film Fest site to get tickets for what films you want, scary enough that pony to girl movie is already sold out with rush line only. Strange bronies out there if it's just kids with parents, please get you money back and leave. Your creepy and you creeps parents out.

For everyone else not seeking four legged romance the full schedule is up, so act fast for the films you want.

Oh, jeez Man of Steel is in the fest too. 2011, so was Green Lantern and we know how that turned out. DC is hoping they can reinvigorate their DC comics franchise with the film, so here's hoping, but I'm still mad at them about how bad Green Lantern was and goofy voice Bane.

Here were my top picks still in affect