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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Game Hype: Why No Movie Tie-In Video Games This Summer

Did you feel like something was missing this Summer? Usually something peaks it's head out and reminds you to laugh at some of the worst parts about current gaming. A new studios tries it's best on something it should have never been given. I'm writing about movie tie-in video games. Where's the game for Iron Man 3 that's over in 4 hours. Where's the bad controls for Man of Steel? No, terrible online Pacific Rim phone game (something might becoming)? Wolverine being in a good title, but the whole staff being laid off before it hits (exception). Where is the garbage we usually see during the Summer?

It's not too hard to ponder what's different this year. This year THQ is dead. Long time maker of all sorts of cheap games for movie tie-ins. With THQ out of the picture there is no major company to produce utter instant throw-away titles.

We do have an exception with Star Trek The Game, maybe Namco Bandai will learn from how bad it was received to stop dolling out trash. Yet, they also published Defiance for SyFy Channel. They seem to be the next THQ with only a few decent properties and then cheap tie-ins to film and television. I blame their Japanese headquarters which could care less as long as money is made.

If you're asking why Sega didn't make the Iron Man 3 game you might want to think it's still licking it wounds with Alien Colonial Marines. You do have to remember that Disney now owns Iron Man and that their game division is awful. Disney Interactive has has huge problems over the years. Disney just didn't have the resources to create the game or Disney didn't want to send the game to a third party. There doing it with Star Wars through EA, but it looks like they have no planning for Marvel. The Avengers movie only had a pinball video game for it's release, what a waste. Disney seems almost unconcerned with doing anything with Marvel properties for video games. There is an Iron Man 3 game, but only a shooter for your phone or tablet. It's just sad, that's all Disney was willing to invest in.

Instead of really investing in the games from the movie series which can boost both it seems that both the major film and video game studios still don't get it. Make good games to match the films, that's it.