Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scare LA Coming August

Here in LA we love Halloween, maybe because so many of us are in the entertainment industry and can devise better scares than the average haunted house. It could be that some of us worked on horror movies. A reason might be the huge amount of horror fans. For those horror fans add another event to your calendar and for those who wanted Halloween one month early and technically in Summer you get what you wanted.

Scare LA is coming out this August. It's our first Halloween convention, featuring almost every haunted house and event that this site has visited for Halloween over the years.

Scare LA
August 10-11
1933 Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Here's a quick list of whose coming

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights
Knott’s Halloween Haunt
Blackout Haunted House
Reign of Terror
Haunted Play Delusion
Chambers of the Mausoleum
The House at Haunted Hill
Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
The Great Horror Campout
Blumhouse of Horrors 
and more!

Now there's going to be early previews of their haunts, so for you haunt junkies you get to talk to the people who make the scares and see some of it before the theme parks even set up. Workshops and panels so you can learn the tricks of the trade. There will be an exhibitor floor too. How many different mangles arm types are there? What is the best fake blood to by?

I'll keep you updated on news about this event during the summer, so look forward to some hot scares.