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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sightseers Quick Review

Sightseers has a few showings around LA and is up for VOD.

Sightseers has a lovely British couple going on vacation together then the murders start happening. At first I though it be a film on people dishing out severe punishments for tiny infractions of the law like littering.  That is not the case, it's really a transformation of two people into murderers.

The story is always about this couple on the road seeing Britain and how unstable they're becoming. Tossed in are quirky little ideas liven up the film like a Pencil Museum, an attachment to a dog or someone showing up with a camping bicycle attachment. These little moments add up and make the film different from a more realistic look into serial killers. One scene, a nightmare is a throw back to horror films or almost a realization on behalf of one the murdering couple that what they're doing is wrong. The scene is cut short with the films perfect timing. Sometimes moments are cut with perfect musical scores as well.

This could have just been a comedy in the vein of  "The Trip" following a couple on holiday and things going awry. Instead it's marked by brutal murders and the bizarre nature of two people that just become murderers over the course of a weekend. A slow, British sense of humor that's splattered with some bloody violence. Fun for a fast watch online.