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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Hollywood Premiere

 Yesterday, Hollywood was shut down in front of the Chinese theater for the Hollywood Premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness. I attended as a fan from the bleachers and got to see a free screening with many others fans. Much of the cast and crew were present and stopped by out quirky hosts who couldn't ask anything specific so most of the questions fell flat. First up it's Chris Pine (Capt Kirk) and Zachary Quinto ( Spock), followed by Karl Urban (Bones), who has a New Zealand accent in person.

Before I go on, just want to tell you the film is brilliant. For a long time Star Trek fan they managed to put in everything you could want and for those who just want action you've got it too. This easily outshines Iron Man 3 in all categories.
Next we Have JJ Abrams (director) and the writers of the film Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and
Damon Lindelof. Abrams and the rest of the cast were nice enough to sign posters and take pictures with fans up and down Hollywood for a good amount of time. One of the writers dressed so poorly, but the film is so good I'll let it slide. Abrams was an interesting character study, he couldn't stand still for a minute.

 Next up the both beautiful Zoe Saldana(Uhura) and Alice Eve (secret)

 John Cho (Sulu), Peter Weller ( best known as Robocop), Bruce Greenwood (Pike) and Leonard Nimoy. A surprise visit by Levar Burton (Geordi)

 Peter Weller was by far the best conversation to listen to as he was still in the conversation from Hero Complex 2012 that I covered, than he danced off stage.

 Our hosts just didn't have much to say during the event, neither was it explained who they represented. They just looked on waiting for someone to talk to.