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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cartoon Hype: Cartoon Network Pilots Up See Rebecca Sugars' Steven Universe

Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe is already coming out as a series, but you can see its pilot episode here. With little announcement, Cartoon Network has released a slew of pilots online for new animated shows along side it.

(I'm a bit worried these will be pulled, maybe CN had an internal error and released them early)

-Steven Universe from it's pilot seems like a great show.

Steven is part of a team of gem wielding heroes, but is the only boy on the team. His powers don't work yet. Rebecca can't go without a song in this pilot. For fans of her work on Adventure Time we should have seen this coming. I could break it more down, but time travel used for comebacks already makes it the best new cartoon to look out for in 2013.

Lakewood Plaza Turbo is by Ian Jones Quartely another member of the AT crew. "A wiener is you", the young hero proclaims in the pilot. I'm starting to think all cartoons will be referencing the 80's on CN. A rival superhero mall near a super villain mall isn't that bad an idea, but it doesn't come close to Steven Universe

I'll update this post with more about the other shorts, but here they are for now

Mars Safari, ooh from Ghost Shrimp. Eh the voice of Master Shake does not cartoon it make.

My Science Fiction Project -No

Paranormal Roommates -Generic Sitcom, how the hell did a sitcom from ABC Family get animated

Clarence- Has some potential. About a new kid who wants to have fun and getting fun means problems occur.