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Monday, May 27, 2013

Arrested Development Season 4 Welcome Back John Beard

We wrong, so terribly wrong.

Somebody was a big a let down as Hangover 3 this weekend. No, Hangover 3 was a huge let down, Arrested still had laughs.

Though Arrested Development had many, many in jokes only people in SoCal could get, including John Beard bashing local news, it still was a hot mess. A new format where we follow one family member per episode was almost as unbearable as seeing the same event unfold for the entire 4th season. There we're so many pay-offs and long continuity jokes that were great feats, those are my favorite jokes. The problems is the family we wanted to fight together for so long hardly was on screen together for a few minutes.

Episodes don't go past a few days, so if anyone has ever experienced the terrible Haruhi Suzumiya Endless Eight they might understand how annoying it can get. You have to add to that experience different perspectives of events from different Bluths so you might not learn the full story of what transpired untill countless episodes in.

There were some great cameos from old friends of the show like Andy Richter and Ben Stiller. Maria Bramford did great work as a junkie/ Invisible Woman/Tobias's girlfriend. There are countless cameos from comedians.Then there was Seth Rogen and Chrisitne Wig playing the younger versions of Lucille and George Bluth that just didn't work. It seems like a nice check for them for a cameo appearance no one wanted.

Seth Rogan's bad acting aside the show really suffers from the lack of family. You don't see Buster until the end of the season for crying out loud. In this odd set up, which I can't understand, the cast hardly interacts with each other at any given time. The family never is together, they only drift in and out of each other's stories which is painful when you have waited to see the Bluth's reunited.

The oddest part is the use of green screen to put actors together in episodes. I don't know how the budget could have been that bad, but you'll notice fake backgrounds for no reason in scenes that could have been easily shot. Most noticeably the trial of Lucille Bluth. Being on hiatus, the original crew had to have moved on and you can tell.

Moments will stand out for any one living in Southern California with in jokes in almost every episode about LA and the surrounding area. For me it was the constant appearance of John Beard. John Beard was a local Fox 11 news reporter who was fired when the station became what it is today, fast-paced garbage. The best segment might be when he's seated next to two big-boobed moronic women, which is our local Fox News now.

There's no fault with the actors, but show creator Mitchell Hurwitz made a wrong decision for this new format. Being stuck in limbo, doesn't make me want to watch that limbo. There are huge oh, I get it moments or realizations and it hurts that they don't come from new episodes instead of the same ones over and over and over again.

Mouse = Bunny. Impossible