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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Marvel and DC's Free Comic Book Day Books Shameful

In a inexcusable amount of laziness DC and Marvel produced some of the worst free comics for kids on Free Comic Book Day this Saturday.

 This promo comic for their new cartoon series was scene grabs from the yet unreleased cartoon. How lazy can you be? You couldn't have anyone just do a comic based on the shows, a short little comic? It looks so ugly inside, they managed to get the worst screen grabs from a HD cartoon, pathetic.


The put in a old Teen Titans comic based on the old cartoon, not the new one. The couldn't get Dan Hipp to draw a mini for Free Comic Book Day? They probably didn't even ask. When a page was just info on Cyborg, but neither the version from Teen Titans Go! or the original animated series you could tell it was given to an intern and forgotten.


This cover is misleading as this story takes place before Superman changes his costume. This arc takes place months ago. Anyone wanting to get interested in the new Superman title is being mislead. Why wouldn't you just share a story from the current arc.

Though these companies are doing this for free from a marketing side why not show off some of your best work to show why people should read your comics? It's a great day to pick up new readers and the cost of publishing a good story is the same as the bad one.