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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Golden Apple Gets Crazy On Free Comic Book Day

via LA Times In front of Golden Apple Comics on Free Comic Book Day, LAPD officers arrest a woman they say fled the scene of a hit-and-run. (Tiffany Hsu / Los Angeles Times / May 4, 2013)
 I missed the fun or really the insane women trying to enter Golden Apple after running from the cops after a hit run. Those not enjoying Jarritos soda next door where Gallery 1988 use to be and being given out free could see a insane women trying to get into Golden Apple while one of the owners held the door closed. By the time I got there all that had transpired was already over and the cops had already come, gotten the crazt women, whose wig fell off when she exited the vehicle and perhaps got some free comics.

“I sort of instinctively held the door because it looked like a crazy person,” said Liebowitz, a tall, burly man. “I said: Nobody can want free comic books that bad. There has to be a problem here.”

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