Monday, May 6, 2013

Japan Film Festival 2013 Where and There

The Japan Film Festival seems to have lost it's place at the New Bev and is all over LA, Torrance, Irvine and as far as San Diego. There's a nice connection for horror film master of House Nobuhiko Obayashi this year with special showings at The Cinefamily and a talk show with him May 12. Nobuhiko Obayashi will also be at a live talk the first night of the fest. The selection of movies isn't that grand this year, nothing really strikes from Japanese cinema. We have to wait for the Eiga Film Fest it seems to see the big premiere movies of Japan come out here to the US.

*You have to reserve yourself for the free screenings.

Here's the schedule

Japan Film Festival
May 11-26
Multiple locations

Some of the films that stand out are

Heaven’s Story- This is over 4 hours of murderers and the perspective of their victims. Can you sit through it?
May 18 (Sat.) YAMAHA Music Center( Irvine) 5:00pm – 9:50pm

Suika3 Yggdrasil -Schoolgirls try to overcome hardships and go into outer space
May 11 (Sat.) 4:00pm at Japan Foundation LA.

Dusk- Bad girl in trouble, shot in LA
Control” / “Haikyo” / “Three days in Kamakura” / “Dusk” / “My Heroes”       
May 11 (Sat.) 5:00pm at Japan Foundation LA.