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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vergil's Downfall Review That Dude is Crazy

Vergil's Downfall DLC just hit yesterday and it .... more sliced through my abdomen than hit. It's downward sword style slash vicious path of what happened to Vergil after the game.

Spoilers ahead

Story wise Vergil's Downfall takes place right after the end of the game. Vergil is almost dead after the fight with his brother Dante. He collapses into his own nightmares and grows "stronger" by defeating his own memories on a darker path in his own mind.

It's sad to see him on this path, you might have seen it coming during game play, but it's still sad to see his psyche fall apart and see visions of his former friends turn into jerks who just seems to spout negative commentary. Must of the story is shown through animated cinematics, which might have been cheaper to do, but gives the story it's own cinematic style.

Style gets a refresh as you aren't a Dante clone, but your own man or nephilim (angel/demon hybrid). Vergil's move set is less punk and more posh. Hey ugly demon over there, instead of a chain to pull, instant teleport. I'm gonna slice you with my sword once I beam right in front of you or beam you in front of me and then cut off your face. You also have your own angel and demon mode, light attacks and hard attacks separately. You can even summon a doppelganger to double your attacks, make a simple thousand sword slice into a two thousand sword slice. There quite a lot of moves, not a much as Dante's but still a good amount.

You'll be slicing the pain away in this sort of limbo mind world of Vergil. It's like treading through old levels, but they've been remixed.

New enemies like The Enforcer demon who creates like "vein corral" around himself that if you touch hurts you and a guy who has crows as part of his body will be on the attack. I felt "The Enforcer" wasn't finished or rushed, my attacks never seemed to show any pain animations, maybe his just tough.

It is a fast play through and from the trailer I though I'd be fighting heart monsters, but no such luck. When you finish the game it's not for the better as Vergil has just started his dark path. When your killing in a whole new fashion it makes you want there to be a sequel even quicker. You'll want to finish your game, by getting this.

On Xbox, PS3 and Steam now.

* Vergil sure doesn't remember anyone else that worked for him, even though he was in charge of a whole underground movement.

*You know your evil in Capcom when you slick back your hair, Wesker.

The DLC was were provided by the publisher for review